Blog - October 2016

Clay, Canvas and Steel presents a mix of sculpture and painting, using color and humor as a focus. Four of the artists: Bulwinkle, Natsoulas, Watanabe and Schmierer have healthy resumes and have exhibited their work both nationally and internationally. The exception is Juliane Lewis who is currently getting her B.F.A. at Sonoma State in painting. Her architectonic abstracts allow the eye a restful respite juxtaposed in a riot of color and visual imagery Tiffany Schmierer and Tony Natsoulas demonstrate the art of ceramics raising the bar for that medium, while Mark Bulwinkle shows his expertise in using cutout steel to amuse and entertain us. The works of Mark in this show are all painted, adding to the color field. The series of musicians created by Carole Watanabe reflect the influence of her husband, who plays the bass both in the Bay Area and abroad.

Susan Alexander
Gallery Susan Alexander
San Francisco, CA

The show will be for two weekends, October 22nd and 23rd
and November 5th and 6th, as a part of Open Studios in the Mission in San Francisco.