Pushing Boundaries

The exhibit “PUSHING BOUNDARIES” is a first time collaboration between Susan Alexander of Gallery Susan Alexander and Nathell Buford, formerly of “Material Visions.” This POP UP show in American Canyon features artists from Oakland, San Francisco, Napa and Sebastopol. The artists include: Melanin Buford, Tracy Fitzgerald, Art Moura, Tony Spier, Linda Raynsford and two artists from NIAD Arstanda (Billy) White and Metrius Englin. The art reflects popular culture, urbanism and Art Brut through the use of color and mixed media. We are pleased to include 2 painters from NIAD art center in Richmond. The show will be up for two weekends August 25th and 26th and Sept 1st and 2nd from 12 - 6 PM. Location is: 3860 Broadway on Highway 29 in American Canyon, between Vallejo and Napa.

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