Anguish - FM SHOW Sept. 2011


Selden Rodman’s seminal 1982 book spoke of many relevant issues concerning society. Today, many of these ideas remain pertinent. We are being assaulted by the control of mass media, a disintegration of our civil liberties, a government that is dysfunctional, the loss of humanitarianism and an assault on sexuality. These are many of the issues being addressed by Andrew Abbott and Art Moura.

There is an obsessive need on the part of both these artists to create. Andrew can create hundreds of images in a day and Art spends all his spare time creating with whatever material is on hand.

Moura combats his demons through his art. He is soft spoken, non reactionary and his perfect world would be one where he could create work during all his waking hours. A visit to Moura’s studio is total immersion in an artist’s milieu.

Abbott’s studio is wherever he happens to be residing at that moment. Most of his work uses a small format with everyday materials
that are cheap, accessible and portable. He is influenced by everything around him and gleans many of his ideas from media and
popular culture...

Susan Alexander, curator


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