Fighting The Pig

Fighting the Pig is an exhibit due to open at Firehouse North in Berkeley which features the paintings and sculpture of two artists: Joseph Mele and Art Moura. Mele’s work combines the use of mixed media which he utilizes in both his small works on canvas and his foil works on paper which are the starting points for many of his prints. There is an iconic face often repeated in many of these pieces. Art Moura is exhibiting both drawings and mixed media sculpture. The sculptures use found objects mixed in with clay and prints or original drawings. These sculptures remind us of fetishes and tribal sculptures which have been reinterpreted by the artist. They would also be considered works of an insolite artist which is an offshoot of Art Brut or Outsider Art.

Fighting the Pig is a term that was coined in the 60’s and 70’s and is a part of the Radical Therapy movement. The Pig is “society” or the “enemy” and the practioner through group therapy finds a way to deal with his demons. It involves addressing isolation, oppression and mystification. Art Moura has been actively involved with this therapy for many years

Please join Susan Alexander, the curator on Thursday March 25, 2010: from 7 – 8 PM to walk through the gallery and learn more about each artist, their process, and of course more about Fighting the Pig.

Opening Reception: Friday March 12, 2010: from 7 – 10 PM
Curator’s Talk: Thursday March 25, 2010: from 7 – 8 PM

Susan Alexander, Curator

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